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Travel Australia – Discovery The Beauty Of Sydney and Blue Mountains

Australia is one of the most favourite travel destinations in the world. There are great beaches, beautiful waterparks, enormous national parks, and enjoy epic road trips. 


Sydney is included in the shortlist of the world’s greatest cities. The largest city in Australia has it all. It is filled with beautiful beaches, great food and fun activities. Also, to enjoy your stay in the city, take a relaxing stroll at the amazing beach, walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. You will enjoy the lovely rocky beach views of the areas.

Another popular place in Sydney that you can enjoy is by going to Sydney Tower. For those who love to get up high and see the cities above, this is a great place to visit. At 268 metres high, you are certain that your heart will pump from excitement. And, to complete your tour in the city of Sydney, make sure to enjoy its food. Try the What The Fudge Café and have a deep-fried Golden Gaytime ice cream.

Blue Mountains

The World Heritage region of the Blue Mountains presents a stunning natural beauty. Just an hour and 50 minutes from Sydney, depending on your travel time frame, is a great weekend getaway. The place offers walks of different difficulty and at the same time offers great views of the Wentworth Falls. Then, head to the main event, The Three Sisters, which contain famous rock formations, perfect for that picturesque postcard place.